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Why Does Event Branding Matter? The 2021 Guide

Looking forward to crafting a consistent event brand to attract global attendees? When it comes to making a good impression, event marketing and branding go along. A well-executed event theme boosts your event and brand on the whole. Precisely, whether hosting your event or attending someone else’s, there lies the need to get your brand out there. 

When people think of a virtual event, specific fonts, colors, and services come in focus. Moreover, the attitude, personality, aesthetics, relationship to customers, prospects, and partner employee together makes your event branding. Let us look into the reasons branding identity is important in 2021 for your virtual, hybrid, or real-life event. 

Event Branding in a Nutshell

It captures the essence of your organization’s brand and the marketing campaigns. A strong brand for an event is not just about the logo. It is important to get along the core values and wider business for your event with event branding. The event may be established, it still does not rely on its reputation but is constantly evolving using branded assets. That said, the assets are tangible and intangible, demonstrating the event’s characteristics. Be it a poster or interactive app; it can vary depending on the type of event being held. Likewise, custom branding for virtual events and webinars, or hybrid events, is the branding of assets that help you stand out and draw audiences in. 

Why Does Event Branding Matter?

It helps you to understand and establish your brand. The most important way to develop brand loyalty is to attend to every detail, be it email or social media. You may host 100 or 1000 events per year; everything has to be consistently branded. Whether hosting an event on your own or through an event planner, branding is basically how it makes other people feel. Keeping in mind your company’s personality, brand’s look and feel are displayed in each email, landing page, events calendar, and social media. On the whole, event branding is basically an opportunity for maximum people to discover events and help you earn new customers down the lane. 

Let us focus on the statistics of event branding:

  • Marketers report increased brand awareness with the shift to digital content marketing. 
  • A signature color boosts brand recognition. 
  • Brand’s image is attributed to what is being said and portrayed. 
  • A consistent experience is demanded dealing with brands, in-store, online, and through smartphones. 

Builds Loyal Following

Building a strong relationship with your attendees is essential to crafting a clear and consistent company branding. When the same colors and fonts are used for all your events, the followers start to recognize your brand. More familiar the branding is, the easier it becomes for people to engage with your brand. Most importantly, followers should understand your brand’s values, no matter for how long they have been following your marketing activities, attended an event earlier, or just discovered you over Virtual Open Days. The themes and topics of affairs might change, but companies should aim to keep the branding similar for an advanced attendee experience or flexible event promotion. 

Creates Memorable Experience 

It all comes down to your event branding’s exclusive user experience. The creative branding of events broadens horizons to two-dimensional or text-based marketing assets. Event branding may also be applied to merchandise or ticket add-ons. When attendees come away with souvenirs, it leaves a greater chance for people to know about your brand. Such tactics offer a boost for online or virtual events. An event is presented as a cohesive united-customer experience when the branding is consistent from a reminder email to the registration desk. To learn more about an event organization and execute online and virtual events, contact with virtual events platform to help you. 

Effectively Engages Sponsors 

Wondering how you get sponsors for virtual events?  For your event’s success, a relevant sponsorship package makes the difference. Likewise, the stronger your event’s branding, the more you can persuade sponsors to support your event. If the message being conveyed is unclear from the branding perspective, more unlikely it is for your sponsors to understand. For instance, if you are hosting a virtual job fair, be clear to use custom strategies when showcasing the company to a global audience; such values easily attract sponsors. Consequently, they will promote your event through social media, help with marketing campaign costs, and add value to your brand. 


The importance of event branding for your virtual event is thoroughly discussed above. You gain the trust and loyalties of sponsors or attendees when the event is fully branded. From email to social media, consistent branding spreads awareness to maximum guests about the event and your brand on the whole. The personality, attitude, and relationship to partners or employees make your event branding. Likewise, it helps you earn attendees’ loyalties, create more memorable experiences, and effectively engage with sponsors. Hence, event branding is vital to the success of your event.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim 

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