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The Best Approaches to Sell Tickets for your Virtual Events

Organizing virtual events is a new trend in the global village. When hosting a virtual event, selling tickets online becomes the first objective for sales and marketing. Your event is set to be hosted online, and there comes the need to list it at the top event listing platform for people to know your event and for you to sell event tickets online. Maximum ticket sales predict the success of an event. How about following the quick and easy approaches to making maximum sales on your event tickets? No one really says, ‘it’s just an event when they are winning! Right? Thus, the more the sales, the easier your event reaches a global audience.

We would suggest you book a helicopter and throw event tickets all around town, but virtually our target is to capture the attention of a global audience. If possible, we might arrange a space-ship to put the ticketing ads up on the satellites. Let’s be realistic, we do not want you to miss out on any approach that maximizes ticket sales. The Internet has eased the marketing approach for organizations. No compromises to be made here! Put your best foot forward with efficient approaches to sell event tickets online for your virtual events. 

Turn to Social Media

Do not just use social media to brag about your event but also make maximum use to sell event tickets online. Throw your web all around through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Not sure how to go about it? The answer is PPC- the pay-per-click ads on social media to receive maximum attention from attendees. Once you get those lousy scrollers to actually click on the ad, they might purchase a ticket, or out of habit they might like, share and comment. 

People can forget to eat but will not forget to check Instagram. That is where you are to capture their attention. Create formal ads which bug the target audience right at their screens. They may be chilling on a hospital bed or office desk, your ad will make a difference if the event interests them. 

All your efforts are productive when a good number of followers back your social media. With these event advertisements worldwide, attract maximum traffic first to your social media profiles and later to your event doors. The call to action approaches are the easiest to bring attendees to purchasing tickets.  

Order of Sales

Why not keep them interested throughout the ticket sales process? Take active steps to keep track of sales throughout the selling process. On the graph of the sales track, keep the mini-peaks in mind. Most of the sales are made on the first go; however, to keep the graph on the top, share early access tickets. These tickets come with bonuses or discounts for previous attendees.  

Wonder why most of the sales are made at the last moment? There are a lot of people who wait to purchase tickets at the final moments. This is where early bird tickets are used. Attendees avail discounts on the purchase of tickets when the event is about to go live. 

Another approach to make quick sales is through the offer of Deal-of-the-day. With ticket purchase, you announce giveaways and promotions that become a reinforcer for the attendees. This captures the attention of your followers and attracts fresh attendees from all around the world. 

Create an Attractive Event Page

We got to play smarter than the lot out there. We may tumble and toss over getting hands-on new marketing strategies or practices to be followed, yet the event has to be a hit at the end. Here’s how you can keep your event’s landing page attractive and informative to make a first great impression. 

An attractive event landing page offers a customized, streamlined experience. It has all the necessary information to guide your attendees with the benefits and ticket purchasing guidelines. Put all the perks and advantages of the event on the top display to let your attendees know what they are signing up for. With a clear call to action, you can direct the attendee to the online ticketing process in the matter of clicks. 

To cut it short, make sure your event page answers where, when, how, why, what, and who! You want them to fall right in your court and not let a single visitor go without purchasing the tickets. 

Gain Maximum Support 

The virtual events being organized on an online events platform are an opportunity for you to access maximum attendees. Did you think you were swimming in the pool all by yourself? Well, look around, you are not a one-person army. For maximum support, companies pair with sponsors and reach out to partners. There may be a lot of fish in the sea but to hook the right sponsor is the win. A good sponsor will promote your event and invest in the process of selling tickets. Moreover, make efforts to link the event with potential vendors and companies who share an interest in your event and support it. 

The support from sponsors and partners will maximize the chances of success of the event as you will get sold out easily. 

Make most of the Existing sites

Companies can use existing websites with an online presence for quick and efficient marketing. It allows visitors to purchase tickets directly from your website. Use pop-up online event advertising to ensure clicks towards the purchase. Using your existing platform will provide an insight into the usefulness of the event and people’s interests. That way, you can track the results of your efforts and future outcomes. 

Use Online Ticketing Platforms 

Here we put out the best approach to make an easy purchasing experience for your potential attendees. You need a ticketing site like Eventbrite, Virtual Open Days, and Eventrii. Such platforms sell event tickets online and manage payment smoothly. Your event will automatically be listed once you put out ticket selling. Moreover, you will describe your event to understand the purpose and benefits of the event before signing up for it.


If you are hosting an event online and not listing it at an event listing platform, the chances to reach global audiences are minimized. Virtual Open Day is an event listing platform that gets maximum reach for your event and helps sell maximum tickets. The approaches to raise ticket sales include social media support, an attractive events page, and the support of sponsors or partners. The company will have a cost-effective approach towards promoting an event on the existing sites and selling tickets alongside. Likewise, with the help of ticketing platforms, the event is promoted, and sales are made efficiently. Hence, events are executed with ease. You can try the approaches mentioned above to make sure all the tickets are sold out!

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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