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The Benefits of Hosting Digital Recruitment Fairs

Shifting the recruitment process onto a virtual platform is a daunting task but with today’s technology, hosting digital recruitment fairs is easier. Businesses are given the opportunity to recruit hopeful individuals on an online platform which provides them with a wider audience and a more globalized reach. These recruitment methods are the innovation of the century, allowing them to save time and money. Recruitment fairs are an integral part of the entire graduate recruitment process due to which they are important events. There are many other features provided to corporations which provide them with numerous benefits that come with hosting digital recruitment fairs.

1. Conserve Time

Once the initial phase of planning is completed by corporations, they tend to spend a lot of time in the execution. Gathering content, viewing venues, and employing caterers, etc. This wastes a lot of time and resources for the corporation. However, once these events are planned out on a virtual platform, it takes experts about an hour or so to get the event into motion. All corporations need to do is set up virtual booths and promote the event effectively to ensure maximum attendance. Corporations can include search tools that help them find CVs easily and provide a constant line of communication between the applicants and the employees. These online processes are designed for efficiency.

2. Conserve Money

Traditionally, Recruitment Fairs require a lot of money to cater for the numerous social conventions. Corporations have to pay for the venue, the setup, the food, the travelling cost and the living arrangements for the employees and speakers. As these events are hosted on virtual event platforms, these costs o longer apply. Moreover, the fact that virtual events diminish the need to travel, both the corporations and the attendees save the money they would have had to spend on travelling. The whole event is hosted virtually, it can be accessed through any device with a stable internet connection from anywhere around the world. Virtual events reduce the overall cost of hosting events by 70%, as they save on staff, venue, setup, accommodation, meals and travel costs etc.

3. Reach a Wider Audience

Again, as the event is hosted on the virtual platform, the reach of the event is increase tenfold. As people can join from anywhere in the world, it diminishes the physical constraint of traveling to distant places. It is a great option for international students who come from different countries. Corporations can benefit from this as it increases the chance of recruiting the best possible candidates for the job. Not only does this open up a new avenue for the corporations but they also give the graduated students coming from far-off countries to establish themselves in the corporate world. Corporations can grow their audiences and increase their profits while putting in less of an effort.

4. Forge Long Lasting Connections

Another great benefit of digital recruitment fairs is the fact that as everything is done through virtual platforms, the information of those attending stays safe and recorded in the database of the corporation. Moreover, the constant line of communication between the attendees and the various corporations ensures that they build long lasting business connections. These connections are of great help to corporations as these connections can bring about a great number of benefits for the corporation as well as for those attending. The fast pace of the event makes the session much more effective and efficient. Thus, increasing the number of connections made and relationships forged.

5. Accurate Analytics

The success or failure of any virtual event is determined from the data collected during the event. This data is to be gathered and analyzed. Depending on the event platform, data collection and analysis is one of the easiest way to determine the rate of success of the event. Moreover, corporations can keep track of the attendances, as well as the CVs received for the recruitment event. Lastly, this analysis further aids the corporation by fixing any shortcoming that they might have faced while hosting the event to ensure that their next recruitment event is more successful and engaging than the last.

6. Generating Viable Feedback

Much like with inhouse events, physical events need feedback. These can be collected while the event is taking place. Attendees can give feedback as soon as they have gone through the recruitment process. Virtual Recruitment Fairs include surveys and real-time polls to provide corporations to gather feedback quickly and effectively. These allow corporations to gauge the reaction of the attendees and mould their events accordingly. It is a very useful tool to measure the overall success of a virtual event.


The world is shifting towards the virtual platform and it is important that corporations do the same. However, the problem lies in the fact that with everyone doing the same thing, there is not much that corporations can do to stand out. That is where research comes in. Staying up to date on all technological innovations as well as the trends of the markets. The various benefits for hosting events on virtual platforms are numerous and can be used by corporations to set them apart.

Author | Zoha Junaid

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