Terms and Conditions

When organizing an event on virtual open days, the platform will inherit your information and create an account for you to avail the features and functions of our unique services. For registering with VOD, the age limit is 18 years. If you are younger, either avail the services under the supervision of a guardian or do not submit your information at all. 

Provide us with accurate information about yourself. Using services on others’ behalf provide their detailed information for Registration data. 

In case your information is being misused, or you experience any breach of security, inform virtual open days. However, you are responsible for any activity processed under your account. 

VOD does not allow you to use our services to collect sensitive information such as social security numbers, health information, payment cards numbers, passport number, and driver license numbers 

Community Guidelines 

You agree to abide by the community guidelines of Virtual Open Days when using our services. Please follow the guidelines and give a good read as it states the limits of your conduct while using VOD’s services. 

Privacy and Consumer Information 

Your personal information is important to us, just as it is essential to you. The information received by VirtualOpen Days remains safe and is governed by the Privacy policy. If you are an event organizer, you agree and warrant that you abide by local, provincial, state, other laws, rules, and regulations regarding information collected from the attendees. 


The terms apply soon as the organizer accesses the services by any means until they are terminated. A time may come where VOD may terminate your services to meet both parties’ interests. In case of termination, the terms of services shall not apply. However, specific provisions remain accessible to both the parties. 

VOD secures the position to terminate their services for you at any time. In case you violate or breach these terms, or misuse and abuse our services, or use services to your benefit not permitted by VOD, or the case of local, state, provincial, or national rules violation will leave us with the privilege to expose you to legal liability. VOD may change or modify the terms of their services at any time. At the sole discretion of VOD, services may at any time be terminated. VOD is not liable to you or any third party for your right to access or use the services provided. 

On the contrary to your written agreement with VOD, you may terminate your access to the services at any time or can delete your account. In case you are using our services without a registered account, the only way you no longer have access to our services is to apply to stop. If you keep using our services without an account, these terms and conditions still apply.  

Client Listing 

Catering to organizers, we attend to the event creators using our services when organizing or attending events. Organizers, consumers, and third parties are referred to as ‘you’ and ‘your’ in terms and conditions. On the contrary, the terms ‘we,’ ‘us’ and ‘our’ covers VOD company, its employees, partners, directors, and agents. Virtual Recruitment Days UK states the following terms and conditions for its consumers and organizers; 

VOD services provide organizers with quick and simple means to create organizer profiles, speaker profiles, and related webpages of events, promote the pages or events to browsers or visitors regarding our services. Online or onsite ticketing allows you to manage, register, sell and reserve accommodations of your events. Further descriptions of event services are available on the website of VOD. 

VOD is not the owner of events being listed on the event listing platform. Rather, we offer our services for organizers to host, register, and promote their events listed at VOD. The organizer takes responsibility for abiding by the state, national, provincial, and other laws and rules. Moreover, the organizers take responsibility for the content being presented on the events page; the goods and services are as described. Consumers should follow the payment method suggested by the organizer. If the organizer suggests third-party involvement in the payment process, VOD also acts as organizers’ agent to safely collect and forward payments from consumers to organizers.