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Strategies to Market Virtual Open Days to Prospective Students

The marketing strategies are digitized from the shift of physical events to virtual events platforms. Virtual open days have positively gained popularity. To cater to the needs of global prospective students, virtual open days bring forth a convenient way for the students to learn about campus life, university programs, and other opportunities. Without the need to travel miles, attend a virtual event from the comfort of your own home. 

The question is how one would deliver the word across? Though virtual events offer immense opportunities, execution is still an issue. The easy and fast way to reach a global audience is through a digital open day marketing strategy. Let’s check how you can market your virtual open day to prospective students. 

Stunning Landing Page for Event Registration 

For the lasting impression of your open day, a stunning landing page is required. All the marketing efforts are executed here. With the help of an informative landing page, you want your students to get all the event-related details and register for the event. These two actions mark the importance of the event marketing campaign. The open day needs to have user-friendly, informative to encourage registrations, and visually appealing to keep students engaged. Wondering what your landing page should look like? You can include event dates and times on the landing page to keep it most informing.

The clear representation of event details such as why you are hosting it or who can benefit from it. You can add up a registration link and login link for the ease of students as soon as they land on the page. Moreover, incorporate an agenda and speaker information. For instance, the University of East England open day created the perfect user experience through a custom build landing page. They kept it to the point with a headline and event information. 

Alongside offering structured event details, a landing page allows more exposure for the students. The open day marketing strategy brings forth visitors to the page, increasing your traffic and visibility in the search engines. 

Here’s how we can achieve that. 

Make most from Website Pop-ups

Firstly you should market your landing page on your Website. Wondering why? The student traffic gathered at your Website is already looking for a lead to join your campus and a virtual open day is just for them. When it comes to picking out forms for pop-ups, then worry not. There is a list of forms available. A top bar reminder of an open day will have everyone’s attention. Another way is to add a more prominent pop-up that the user can close is sure to have their action. It is recommended to combine both forms, but you can suit yourself. 

Quick Email Marketing

With the release of landing pages and pop-ups on our Website, now is the time to spread the news. The first approach to target the audience is to check ones already on the mailing list. These prospective students have already signed up for the email list. Although sign-ups are a convenient approach to listing, the traffic can also be extracted from students, faculty, and alumni being on the list. Through these recipients, information can be passed on to their siblings and friends who might be interested in pursuing a degree or course at your campus.

That is why it is recommended to send out emails to your entire mailing list. Please note that the subject clearly delivers that it is an invitation to your open day for the success of email marketing. The email contains information such as time and date, link to your landing page, or direct link to your registration page. The form should extract their name, email address, programs of interest. The email template has to be mobile-responsive, where the call to action stands out in the email. 

Carefully schedule when to send out the emails. You can schedule the first email three weeks before the event, the next can be set for one week before the event, and the third email should be sent a day before the open day. For marketing your virtual open day, you can send out a maximum of three emails. A healthy balance of emails will have the students waiting for your event. 

Placing the Word out on Social Media

VOD thinks it is best for you to get the word out on social media. This is a wonderful way to reach students following you, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to come to them in a pandemic-stricken world. The maximum audience is present live on social media. You can reach them all when your posts get shared. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are quick ways to reach an audience and ensure a good number of ROIs. Take an active approach to social media marketing, and you will find your event hyped by sharing. 

Certain doable strategies are listed for you to make the most of social media marketing. VOD recommends that you post about the open day on all social media platforms three weeks ahead of the event. Every three days, make sure you keep feeding the guests at profile about your event objectives and specifications. Make use of visuals, pictures of campus, professors, or the graphics of event progress. Till the day of the event, keep following the same set of efforts. 


Marketing of an event is the most important step towards its success. It may be difficult to reach all students if they are already unfamiliar with the open day. Well-organized and carefully executed marketing campaigns ensure that your event has attendees and engagement in full swing. Use of a catchy landing page, website pop-ups, quick email marketing, and social media open day marketing strategy will ensure the success of your event. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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