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How to Host Upscale Events

The competitive nature of the job market and the ever-changing trends of the business sector make it very hard for corporations to host successful events. These events need to be current, effective and engaging in accordance with the times. This requires extensive planning and expert execution. With trends changing every other day, the following are a few ways through which businesses can host upscale events that captivate their audiences.

Theme It!

The entire theme of the event needs to be decided by corporations and the event needs to be hosted in accordance with it. The theme of the event dictates whether or not the audience will be captivated by the integration of great content and an inviting webpage. Pinterest is a free, social networking website, which has visual directories to suit your needs. Corporations can log onto Pinterest to look at mood boards and then, establish their theme from there. Once the main theme is set, it provides corporations with a visual reference point upon which the event will be hosted.

Conference It!

Behind every successful event is a team of hardworking employees. Physical events are much easier to coordinate as all the employees are in the same office and can hold regular meetings. However, innovative technological advancements in the shape of applications like Zoom have allowed corporations to hold scheduled meetings with the employees. This allows corporations to help their teams work together on an online platform which produces the same results as physical meetings and conferences. Regular meetings with the productions team lead towards a productive environment that in turn, leads towards a great event.

Track It!

The most important aspect of planning an event is considering the management process. The dates, timings, the schedules and the event budget are all to be kept under observation. To analyse and keep track of these, corporations can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. These applications allow corporations to share their data amongst their team with ease and efficiency. Spreadsheet tools provide corporations with budgeting and schedule their events with the utmost ease and proficiency. Organising and planning events becomes much easier with the use of these innovative tools.

The next phase of hosting an event online is designing the layout. Once the ideas and themes have been compiled, corporations put life into them by putting them on their webpages in the form of graphic design. There are many graphic design platforms that can be used by corporations for this specific purpose, such as Canva and Adobe Spark. These help corporations design visuals for their event listing, social media and overall event coverage. These visuals include graphics and posters etc. Ready made templates help corporations put their ideas into reality, swiftly.

Streamline It!

The best tools to use while hosting events is by holding the event on virtual event platforms. Platforms like Virtual Recruitment Days are specifically equipped to help corporations host virtual events with the utmost professionality and expertise. Providing corporations with all the tools they need, virtual event platforms are the perfect way to host virtual events without too much hassle. Companies are equipped with inviting webpages, content infused with audio-visual aids and constant lines of communication between all the concerned parties. Virtual Recruitment Days is a cost-effective and time saving expert in the event hosting business. Corporations get a chance to focus more on their content and message while leaving the intricacies to these platforms.

Promote it!

The main goal of planning an event so thoroughly is to get people to attend the virtual event. The biggest platform for promoting events is through social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are great ways to promote virtual events. Through Facebook, corporations can upload excerpts for the event, share posters and make people register to events. People share the posts which increases their visibility. On Twitter, as the word count is lesser on the posts, corporations post catchy slogans and trending hashtags which further increase attendance. The same works for both LinkedIn and Instagram.

List It!

Another very important aspect of event planning and hosting is listing the event on listing websites such as Virtual Open Days. These websites are designed specifically to further increase the visibility of both the event and the brand. This makes it much easier for corporations to increase attendance. These platforms make the ticketing process simpler and much easier to aid both the corporation and the attendees. Even after the event has concluded, Virtual Open Days and Virtual Recruitment Days helps corporations compile and record it for future use.


With the right tools and attitude, any virtual event can be the best. There are many technological advancements available today that have reduced the overall difficulty of hosting events. Interactive event platforms and immersive online environments make these events the innovations of the century. With the help of the tools mentioned above, businesses can host upscale events to captivate and immerse their audiences.

Author | Zoha Junaid

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