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Corporate Events to be Hosted at Virtual Platforms

When talking about business growth, corporate events come first. Corporate events are social company events, business, team-building, or hospitality in nature. These events are solely conducted and paid for by the organization. Through corporate events, a company earns benefits of client or employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Furthermore, enhanced team productivity, improved creativity, and company morale is achieved. 

However, in times like pandemic, it is essential to shift physical events to a virtual platform. Companies around the world have felt the need to reduce face-to-face events and physical gatherings considering health concerns. People who are pretty shaken by the grievance of this disease, avoid joining physical gatherings. That is why there is a need to move physical events to virtual event platforms. To stay connected with prospects, customers, and stakeholders, companies seek refuge in digital solutions. 

Let’s take a quick tour of corporate events that need to be hosted on virtual platforms. 

1- Conferences 

Conferences are used to convey information to a company’s target audience. These events mainly focus on educating participants or act as an engagement vehicle. These events may last several days. If you wish to achieve a greater impact with your next conference then a virtual event platform is your choice. With a virtual conference or seminar, you give easy access to your keynote speaker and audience, saving the time and cost of your physical event. A virtual events platform helps design and manage online conferences, tailored to your needs. Hence, virtual platforms help you reach your goals faster. 

2- Product Launches 

With the pandemic spreading worldwide, big gatherings are highly discouraged. The events of product launches are at a halt causing businesses to lose their reach. Digital solutions have once again come to the rescue as most of the product launches are being held online at virtual event platforms. Product launches are essential for attracting customers and achieving a greater market for your product. Likewise, a virtual product launch is constructed to showcase all your goods and services to your customers. The product launch events at virtual platforms are efficiently designed for the exhibitors and attendees to easily explore and navigate the virtual event from their screens, globally. 

3- Trade Shows 

Virtual trade shows are designed to help grow a strong client base. Corporate events such as trade shows, help display your products to generate leads and create a client-centered virtual experience. Custom virtual booths and smart chat forums are the salient features offered by a virtual events platform. Through an interactive online exhibition of products, clients and prospective candidates are easily captured. In virtual trade shows, exhibitors showcase a product through live webinars. Webinars are an easier approach to mentioning product details and stressing the benefits of purchase to prospective clients. Elaborative reports on the show are also provided to measure the success of a virtual trade show. 

4- Webinars 

Webinars are online events that enable corporate companies to convey messages, promote businesses, hire or train recruits. These events are presented virtually in the form of web pages, presentational videos, or many other forms of multimedia. The support of audio and visual components allows companies to promote businesses from the comfort of their homes. A large number of companies use webinars to market their interests by sharing knowledge about their products and services. 

5- Job Fairs 

Job fairs through a virtual platform help the organization reach virtual audiences. A virtual job fair platform easily connects candidates with hiring managers. These events are the basic approach to enhance employment opportunities. The stakeholders have the access to the resume and profile of the candidate. With efficient software, the employers are matched with candidates at a virtual job fair. This event remotely connects recruiters and candidates globally. Moreover, job fairs are considered beneficial for the business growth of the corporate sector. Hence, virtual platforms are recommended for attracting maximum candidates. 


Hosting corporate events online at a virtual platform is very important for business growth. It doubles the number of audiences and your business ensures a greater return on investments. Hence, making the best use of digital solutions and shifting to virtual platforms is the need of the hour. An online virtual events platform helps in organizing and executing successful corporate events such as; job fairs, conferences, webinars, product launches, and trade shows. Companies use virtual platforms to the best of their use.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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